Royal Purple Thermyl Glyde

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Thermyl-Glyde® is an ultra-tough, long life, industrial EP synthetic gear oil proven to make gears run smoother, quieter, cooler and longer without overhauls.

Thermyl-Glyde® gains its performance advantage over competing mineral and synthetic oils through its superior blend of synthetic base oils plus Synslide® additive technology, Royal synthetic base oils plus Synslide® additive technology, Royal Purple’s unique, proprietary, noncorrosive, EP additive technology.

Thermyl-Glyde® protects gears in severe service applications where other EP oils fail. Thermyl-Glyde® is recommended for users looking for much longer oil life and significantly improved gear box reliability and performance.

  • Shipping Lead times are 10-14 business days upon receipt of order.
  • Please call IndustryUptime for orders larger than 5 drums of Royal Purple and for 320 gallon tote special pricing.
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  • IndustryUptime can answer technical and performance questions on Royal Purple. 

Made in America

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