About IndustryUptime

IndustryUptime was founded in February, 2000 to improve the reliability and efficiency of pumps in the process industries. Since then, we have improved the reliability of over 2,500 pumps and increased the MTBF of populations by 40+%. We have helped our clients obtain millions of dollars in funding for reliability improvements, and have helped these facilities increase safety, environmental performance, and plant uptime. We also provide rotating equipment application support to Dupont Corporation for Vespel® CR-6100, which is a non-metallic wear material that improves pump reliability and efficiency.

IndustryUptime clients include refineries, chemical companies, water districts, power plants, and equipment manufacturers. IndustryUptime’s work has been published by the European Sealing Association, Hydrocarbon Processing Magazine, the Process Plant Reliability Conference, Dupont Corporation, and Pumps and Systems Magazine.


Our Track Record

  • Since 2000, IndustryUptime has improved the reliability of more than 250 pumps, increasing the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) for this population of equipment by 40%.
  • For a single client, IndustryUptime’s improvements resulted in over $3 million annual savings.
  • Over the course of one year, using IndustryUptime’s vibration monitoring services, a municipal water facility reduced equipment faults by 75%, resulting in over $170,000 annual savings.
  • IndustryUptime’s performance testing service allowed one client to improve the efficiency and reliability for a pumping station with four-250-hp vertical pumps. IndustryUptime’s recommendations eliminated hydraulic faults, resulting in efficiency savings and over $60,000 per year in maintenance cost reductions.
  • IndustryUptime implemented a reliability approach to achieve emissions compliance for an entire refinery unit with several light hydrocarbon pumps. The previous system relied upon an expensive, ineffective solution, resulting in an MTBF of 1.8 years and risk of environmental violations. Upon completion, the MTBF for the affected pumps increased to 16 years, and the risk of violations was eliminated.
  • A refinery contracted IndustryUptime to perform a systems design review for a new 700 F furnace charge system with three pumping services. IndustryUptime recognized a simpler system design, which saved over $400,000 on the initial installation cost, provided more reliable pumps, and maintenance savings of $70,000 per year.