Royal Purple Barrier Fluid FDA

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Barrier Fluid FDA® is a pure, non-reactive, synthetic fluid that provides superior lubrication and cooling for double and tandem mechanical seals. Barrier Fluid FDA® provides very stable seal performance over an extremely wide temperature range, satisfying most seal service requirements. Barrier Fluid FDA® is extremely clean and has excellent low temperature fluidity and heat transfer properties, and is sanctioned under the FDA CFR Title 21 Sections 178.3620(a)(b); 172.878: 175.105; 172.200 and 210; 177.2260, 2600 and 2800; 178.3570 and 3910. Barrier Fluid FDA® is NSF certified for H1 service. Barrier Fluid FDA® is essentially inert, allowing it to be used with most hydrocarbon gases and aqueous acids and bases. Barrier Fluid FDA® is an undyed product.

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Made in America


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